Parking for rent in Quatre Carreres, València, Valencia

Quatre Carreres, Ciutat De Les Arts I De Les Ciencies (Calle d''Antonio Ferrandis)

WE HAVE A 14-CAR RENTAL for LARGE CAR 4x4 for € 40. Guarded garage. Carrer Ep. Fava entrance, 5 46013 Valencia corner with Carrer d´Antonio Ferrandis, 10 -46013 València. CIUTAT de les ARTS and LES CIENCIES, QUATRE CARRERES. TIRED OF TURNING AND RETURNS TO PARK? . TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY and SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. Just 8 minutes walk from the CITY of the JUSTICE of VALENCIA. Av. of Professor López Piñero, 14, 46013 Valencia. Garage of recent construction, with few maneuvers, wide double direction ramp and little pronounced. Wide spaces even for 4x4. Terms: MONTHLY RENT: One monthly payment plus VAT21%, REAL ESTATE: One monthly payment plus VAT21%, REMOTE CONTROL: € 30 plus VAT21%. Refundable DAYS OF PAYMENT: from the 1st to the 5th of each month by bank transfer. The amount of the remote control will be returned to the tenant at the time of termination of the contractual relationship plus 21% VAT. By express wish of the owners, these garages are sold exclusively, so it guarantees an easy, comfortable and without interference. Please do not disturb your occupants or neighbors.

16 m2
0 Bedrooms
0 Toilets
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